Slow Release Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer SRN 22-0-0 using as Foliage Fertilizer

Slow Release Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer SRN 22-0-0 using as Foliage Fertilizer
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l Slow release obviously ,59% N is slow release Polymethylene Urea ,after foliar spraying, the nitrogen stored in the crop is slowly released, and the nitrogen content in the crop can be kept at a high level for a long time, and sustained effective time can be up to 30 days.

l Quick effect obviously, 41% N is fast acting nitrogen it can be absorbed completely by 24-48 hours after spraying.

l Gives superior root growth, Optimal turf growth. Formulated specially for turf Your turf can turn green quickly and stay with a month , at the same time , you needn’t worry about the turf excessive growths because the slow release nitrogen takes effect slowly within 30 days. You no longer need to mowing the turf often (mow it each week ? No, one month)

l Proven by research testing in the largest laboratory in Japan & using on kinds of sports turfs and oversized farms in northeastern China.

l Water ratio 1:10-1:50 You needn’t use a lot of water ,  for urea , it is 1:80-1:200 , for ammonium sulfate, it is 1:100-1:200, for MKP, it is 1:200-1:330

l Low salt index , High safety 40% lower salt index than urea solution .Foliar spraying does not burn the leaf of turfs

l Mixing can increasing efficiency, easy to use, save the labor cost Excellent product dispersion and stability, fast absorption efficiency by foliar spraying, It would be better if add other soluble P,K and trace elements together . It can be mixed with most pesticide products, and can improve the wetting and distribution of the liquid medicine, and reduce the drift, thereby improving the fertilizer effect.

Application & Usage  

1.Turfs : 1L liquid MU treat up to 1350 m2,  7.5L /Ha

2.Vegetable: 1L liquid MU treat up to 2000 m2, 5L /Ha

3.Tea &Fruit: 1L liquid MU treat up to 1500 m2, 6.7L /Ha

When to apply?

It can be applied at any time of the year, although results may be slower during Winter

Do not apply when temperatures are expected to exceed 35 degrees and rain is expected

1 time each month in growing season are recommended.

Matters needing attention

1. When using this product, personal protection should be done, splash into the eyes, should be immediately washed with a large amount of water

2. Apply evenly to the surface of the crop leaf according to the recommended amount

3. This product should be sprayed on windless cloudy days or in the morning and evening. If it rains within 4 hours after spraying, it needs to be sprayed

4. Store in a cool, dry place to avoid contaminating food and animal feed and keeping children out of contact

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