Plant growth regulator 98% TC CCC Chlormequat Chloride With Cas No. 999-81-5

Plant growth regulator 98% TC CCC Chlormequat Chloride With Cas No. 999-81-5
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Plant Growth Regulator 98%TC Chlormequat chloride

Physical and
chemical properties

The pure product is white crystal; the color of tech powder is bright yellow to white. The tech powder is melted under the temperature of 238-242οC. The tech powder of chlormequat chloride is easily affected with damp and dissolved in water. While it is difficult to be dissolved In aether and other organic solvents, and it will be melted in the alkali. 
SolubilityIt can dissolve in water easily, also dissolve in lower alcohol.
It is affected with damp easily and will decompose meeting Alkalis.
But its aqueous solution is stable.
Mammalian ToxicologyOral acute LD50 883 mg/kg for rats; LD50>4000mg/kg (tech). According to our national toxicology grade standard,the chlormequat chloride belongs to the low toxicology plant growth regulators. 
StorageKeep in cool and dry place 2 years.


Chlormequat chloride

1)To increase resistance to lodging (by shortening and strengthening the stem) and to increase yields in wheat,rye, oats, and triticale
2)Also used to promote lateral branching and flowering in azaleas, fuchsias, begonias, poinsettias, geraniums, pelargonium, and other ornamental plants
3)To promote flower formation and improve fruit setting in pears, almonds, vines, olives, and tomatoes;
4)To prevent premature fruit drop in pears, apricots, and plums; etc.
5)Also used on cotton, vegetables, tobacco, sugar cane, mangoes, and other crops

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