Niclosamide 70% WP molluscicide for agriculture

Niclosamide 70% WP molluscicide for agriculture
November 6, 2019 No Comments Agrochemicals, Molluscicide admin

Product name: Niclosamide

CAS NO.: 50-65-7

MF: C13H8Cl2N2O4

Niclosamide (CAS No. 50-65-7) is a molluscicide with respiratory and stomach action.
Nanjing Essence supply the following formulations of Niclosamide : 70% WP.
Design of packaging and label can be customized from 10mL to 200L for liquids, 1g to 25Kg for solid.

Niclosamide is a teniacide  in the anthelmintic family especially effective against cestodes that infect humans. It is also used as a piscicide. It is stressed that while antihelmintics are a drug family used to treat worm infections, Niclosamide is used specifically to treat tapeworms and is not effective against other worms such as pinworms or roundworms. It is a chewable tablet taken orally, dosage depending on type of worm and patient’s age and/or weight. Niclosamide molecules are lethal to tapeworms upon contact.  

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