Manure and peat moss based Russian biohumus Organic Fertilizer

Manure and peat moss based Russian biohumus Organic Fertilizer
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Biohumus – what is it?

Highly effective organic fertilizer  

Organic fertilizer “Fertility Primorye” (registered Trade mark and production technology) – is microbiologically active odorless mass. Contains beneficial soil microflora with only positive properties, nutrients, humic acid, all nutrients: macro – (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), micro – (copper, zinc, boron, magnesium, etc.)  in highly digestible for plants form, as a result – it compose most fertile type of soil fertilizer – humus.

Product of biofermentation “Fertility Primorye” is in fact representative of a totally new generation of fertilizer – soilfood.

Through the process of biofermentation and internal biothermal reaction feedstock occurs decontamination and the final product has no composition of pathogens, eggs and larvae of worms and germinating weed seeds. By its action on crop yields in the 3-5 times higher than the traditional manure and compost. While using our biohumus fertilizer It makes no sense to use  other various kinds of mineral and organic fertilizers.

It stimulates the germination of seeds, development of a strong root system, and the formation and maturation of the fruit, increasing the terms of their storage.

Almost it is not washed out of the soil, does not lead to digging or burning plants, self-regulating plant requirements that allows you use it once in 2-3 years with a guaranteed high positive impact in 2-3 years.

Due to the complex composition and absolute ecological purity, it opens the possibility of obtaining 100% eco-friendly, healthy products.

Our product is unique due to old Soviet technologies of producing high standard natural Humic Acid organic fertilizer – biohumus.

We use high-moor peat for quick fermentation, hen manure – rich in N, Mn, Fe, Mg, cow manure – a bunch of microelements.

All ingredients are places in high temperature cameras with oxigen access to push fermentation process.

Fermentation process is hold under temperature +70 degrees for 8-11 days – it lets to eliminate all harmfull organism and to enrich fertilizer in microelements and Humic acid.

Our product has no smell and 100% natural.

Test result:

P – 2,54% (to dry substance)
N- 3,9% to dry substance
K – 2,07% to dry substance
wetness – 52,2%
PH – 7,5
Organic substance – 46,6%

we guarantee! once you try our product – stay our client forever!

Price and Payment terms:

FOB Nahodka, Russia –  115USD/cubic meter, 2300USD –  20’ conteiner

Supply ability up to 1000 tons a month. Welcome to green world! Russian agricultural products are most green in the world!

Main production time – spring, summer, autumn. IN winter we sell our warehouse resources: first come – first buy!

Package available in 5 kg, 22 kg, 2-4 cubic meter bigbags.
Package can follow your requirements. Can provide special design for package.

Method of application: Apply by mixing with the surface layer of soil. Organic fertilizer is applied in accordance with its purpose and method of use. Before using fertilizers, stored or transported at low temperatures, it is necessary to preheat it to room temperature.

Storage: Store in dry indoors away from food, medicines and fodder in the reach of children and animals. When freeze-thaw fully retains all its properties.

Safety precautions: When working, observe the rules of personal hygiene, use gloves. After work should wash their hands with soap and water. Eye contact – rinse with plenty of water.

Hazard- fourth (low hazardous substances). Fire and explosion-proof. Poisoning excluded. Do not irritate the skin, does not accumulate in the body.

Disposal methods: crumble fertilizer is collected and used for its intended purpose. Vacant container disposed with household waste in specially designated areas.

Transportation of organic fertilizer can be any type of transport in accordance with the rules of carriage of goods, operating in this mode of transport.

Doses of fertilizer “Fertility Primorye”When plantingWhen feeding from the stem of the plant
Under the vegetables: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, etc. When planting into the slot or hole. 150 – 200 g / m2
Under the flowers, ornamental plantings. 70 – 100 g / m2
Under the potatoes in the hole when planting. 200 – 300 g / m2
Under the fruit trees. 1 – 2 kg
Under the berry bushes. 0.5 – 1.0 kg
Under the strawberries (strawberries) in the hole. 100 – 150 g / m2
When creating turf lawns, soccer fields, sports and other areas. 1 – 2 t / ha
For growing seedlings preparing a mixture of fertilizer “Fertility Primorye” with the earth and sand in a ratio of 1: 5.
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