Compound NPK 12-24-12 Fertilizer for Agriculture Foods Plants

Compound NPK 12-24-12 Fertilizer for Agriculture Foods Plants
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1. Chemical name: Compound NPK Fertilizer 12-24-12
2. Other Chemical Name: NP compound fertilizer 12-24-12 ,npk mixed fertilizer 12-24-12; npk complex fertilizers

Product Name               Compound NPK 12-24-12 Fertilizer for Agriculture Foods Plants
Grey granular
Total Nitrogen
P2O5 24.0%min
K2O(KCl base)
The compound NPK 12-24-12 fertilizer is granular shape;

Hardness of the fertilizer is 6-8N.

The NPK fertilizers’ granularity among 2-4mm is 90%min.

The fertilizer’s Formulated with the highest quality and purest raw materials.

NPK 12-24-12 is a balanced fertilizer suitable in the full life cycle of the plant, to guarantee the most qualitative and quantitative yield.

Pasillation Processes are extrusion granulation process (Round granular) and spraying granulation process (irregular granular).

It is for agriculture foods plants.
The compound fertilizer is produced from the purest ingredients and is free of sodium, chlorine and heavy metals.

The NPK fertilizer is for oil plam tree to promote plants to absorb nutrient during sprouting and increase the utilization efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients.

Component in nitro-phosphate is capable of promoting the movement of phosphorus and increasing the space efficiency of phosphorus.

Increase its nitrous utilization and absorption quantity of plants.
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