100% Water Soluble Eddha Fe Chelate Granular Organic Fertilizer

100% Water Soluble Eddha Fe Chelate Granular Organic Fertilizer
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Product Description

Product nameEDDHA fe/iron/FE 6%
Appearancedark brown granular

EDDHA fe defition.

Iron EDDHA chelate is a trace fertilizer. Used for iron deficiency in horticultural plants, fruits, vegetables and other crops.
Foliar spraying or root application in acidic soil is recommended. It can also be used in hydroponic solution and soil-free
planting. Product name: ethylenediamine o-dihydroxyacetate iron chelate fertilizer. Appearance: dark red and black particles.
Content: total iron (Fe) 6%


1. Plants can be well absorbed within the range of soil PH value 4.5-9. (the higher the PH, the more significant the
advantage of EDDHA chelate over EDTA chelate and ferrous sulfate) 2. It can be mixed with other micro fertilizers, agricultural
chemicals and soluble phosphate fertilizers. Application method and matters needing attention: 1. Iron EDDHA chelate fertilizer
has a very good effect for foliar spraying. Once a week, the ideal effect can be achieved by continuous spraying 2-3 times
(depending on the degree of iron deficiency). Spray on cloudy days or morning and evening. 3. If it rains within 4 hours after
spraying, apply again. Spraying concentration: Flower vegetable crop: 50-100 grams/mu (depend on degree of iron deficiency). Spray
concentration 0.05-0.1%. Fruit: 30 g/mu, maximum concentration 0.1%. Hydroponic solution: 1 PPM (17.86mmol/l) of iron fertilizer
solution can be obtained by adding 17 grams of chelated iron fertilizer to 1 cubic meter of water.

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